Sylvain Rifflet

He is one of the most innovative French musicians of his generation. Sylvain Rifflet, a clarinetist and saxophonist is one of the greatest jazz musicians of his generation. He is currently working on “Troubadours”, a new album, which will be released in september 2019 after “Mechanics”, the best french jazz album 2016. Sylvain Rifflet, composer and saxophonist, captures the pulse of today’s times. album Mechanics at Jazz Village – He is the creator of original and compelling music. Modern jazz juggles alongside New Yorkish minimalism. Francois Schuiten is Francois’ retro-futurist illustrator and writer. He chose to illustrate his album Mechanics using a drawing of him. Sylvain Rifflet drew on his musical influences to create this album. These included Moondog, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich. A remarkable work that can be paced endlessly » Les Inrocks “Mechanics” is in a way the culmination of the open-mindedness this young man has displayed over the past decade. One of the best autumn soundtracks. The format Stan Getz used for his iconic Focus album Re Focus on Verve is revisited by Liberation Sylvain. Sylvain has always longed to record a record that would use the same format as Getz’s Focus and give fresh energy to Getz’s blend of jazz and classics. Although it wasn’t a secret, Rifflet thought it was ambitious enough. The only thing lacking was an opportunity that only Verve could offer… Sylvain Rifflet, the legendary saxophonist, signs Re Focus », more than 50 years after his recording of the iconic Focus ». This is a unique tribute that’s as captivating and unusual as its model. Jazz News “ReFocus”, one of the disc-events in the season – Jazz Magazine Troubadours – exciting new project of Sylvain Riffflet – September 2019 We highlighted Sylvain’s Mechanics in September 2015. This daring opus won him the Victoire du Jazz 2016 in the “Best Album” category. His tribute to Stan Getz was Re Focus, a reference to the historic record Focus. Troubadours is the saxophonist-flautist-composer who takes us on a new undulating, hypnotic journey to the music of the ancient poets. A combination of repetitive music, secular music, and medieval music. Second collaboration with amarican jazz saxophonist Jon Irabagon, Rebellion(s) – new album to be released in September 2020. After their first collaboration on the music of Moondog’s Moondog, Rebellion(s), the second one, is based upon famous speeches by Greta Thunberg and Paul Robeson. The music that accompany them transforms their speeches into compositions and improvisations. Each speech is transcribed in notes. Jeanne Added reads Olympe de Gouges. This slow ballad is a tribute to Jean Moulin. It opens up spaces for improvisation between passages of the text of 1964. Paul Robeson and Emma Gonzales, with a central theme of chiselled composers, or Greta Thunberg, in a disarticulated march…Each piece questions what binds us all, which unites in our struggle to defend our rights. From

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