Sylvie Courvoisier

Pianist, Composer and Imrpoviser. Born 1968 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Sylvie Courvoisier, a pianist, composer, improviser. She has led many groups and been commissioned to compose music for radio, theater, dance and concerts. Courvoisier has released nine albums as a leader, 25 as co-leader and 25 as an assistant, most notably on ECM and Tzadik. She has toured extensively in the United States, Australia and Canada as well as Europe, Japan, and Europe. Courvoisier performs solo and in duo with Mark Feldman. She is also the leader of Sylvie Courvoisier Trio which includes Drew Gress and Kenny Wollesen. Co-leader of Miller’s Tale quartet, Ikue Muri, and Evan Parker, she has also been a member since 2000 of Mephista with Ikue Morti and Susie Ibarra. Courvoisier performs regularly in various John Zorn’s groups as well as compositional projects, including the Bagatelle Marathon and Cobra. She has performed in over 150 performances worldwide as a flamenco dancer Israel Galvan’s pianist and composer. Galvan and Courvoisier are launching Cast-A-Net in 2018, a new project that Mark Feldman, Evan Parker and Ikue Mori have created. They also plan to create a duo version for piano and dance of Consagrazion, which will be released in 2019. Courvoisier has recorded and performed with Tim Berne and Joey Baron. She also performed and recorded with Ellery Eskelin and Fred Frith. Ingrid Laubrock and Joelle Leandre. They are developing a duo version of Consagrazion for piano and dance. This will debut in 2019. Her albums include Sylvie Courvoisier’s D’Agala (Intakt 2018, 2018); Crop Circles, (Relative Pitch Records 2017, 2017), a duo featuring Mary Halvorson; Miller’s Tale’s Miller’s Tale, Intakt 2016, 2016); and Salt Task, (Relative Pitch Records 2016, 2016), a trio consisting of Chris Corsano, Nate Wooley, and Salt Task. Courvoisier was awarded the FOUNDATION SUISA Jazz Prize (2017), Chamber Music America’s New Jazz Works (2016), a New York Foundation for the Arts grant (2013), and the Grand Prix de la Fondation Vaudoise de la culture (2010). She holds a B.A. Gymnase du Bugnon. She attended the Conservatoire de Lausanne. from

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