Synergy is all about funky, exiting songwriting mixed with melancholic melody and a love for British rock and funk. Although the influence of British musicians like Muse and Peter Gabriel, Level 42, King Crimson, and Level 42 is obvious, Synergy attempts to expand that scope. SYNERGY’s bass player, composer, and vocalist Jon Pold is the leader. His assertive and progressive playing has earned him many notable performances all over the globe. Kristian Uhre and Henrik Borlev form the band. They strive for musical excellence, and their inspirations allow them to create music that is both diverse and original while still finding that “Hook line”. SYNERGY is more than the sum of its members. They are on a mission for the music to inspire and enrich the musical experience of the listeners. Their debut album, #Sophisticatedsarcasm, will be released the 6th of March 2017. from

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