TajMo is a timely fusion of the talents and unique American artists. They have already created iconoclastic individual legacy that has extended and expanded blues traditions into exciting new territories. This collaboration brings out the best of both artists. The pair combine their distinct voices, personalities, and guitar styles to create lively, immediate music that is both grounded in tradition but ruled by a playful spirit of adventure. The album also features Sheila E. and Joe Walsh as well as Bonnie Raitt singing a cover of John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.” Taj Mahl made his mark in the 1960s with a series country-blues albums. He has been pursuing his free-spirited spirit with many diverse recording projects that span a variety of cultures and genres. Keb’ Mo has created a strong body of work since his arrival on the scene in 1990s. It showcases his mastery over multiple blues and his musical adventure that has lead him to all sorts of projects. They have been friends for over a decade and Taj has been a constant supporter of Keb’ since the day he first saw him perform at a high school student assembly. Taj played a part in Keb’s first record deal. TajMo is the first time they have teamed up in the studio. Taj says, “We wanted to make a good record together, but it wasn’t what everyone expected.” We just got along and it all came together quite naturally. It’s a very upbeat, celebratory album, and it couldn’t have come at better time.” -Taj Mahal According to Keb’, “The making and recording of this record took two and a quarter years. We just got together whenever we could between tours. Over the two-and-a half years, Taj became a good friend. We would talk about music, life, and what we were working on. He is a remarkable human being and a brilliant man. This record was huge for me. Working with him was a great experience. We developed a lot trust together. It was an honor to have such a person in your life. He really became a mentor for me.” -Keb Mo’, https://tajmo.com

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