Tãnia Maria (tania Maria Correa Reis)

Born May 9, 1948. Instrument: Piano Tania Maria. Pianist, Singer Composer, Arranger and Bandleader. Tania Maria is internationally renowned for her captivating vocals and keyboard talent. Her music is a styled combination of jazz, funk and Afro-Cuban elements as well as Brazilian popular music. Her unique style of jazz has been embraced by audiences all over the globe through her eclectic fusion. Maria is known for her raw voice and distinctive style. Her voice can be described as a bossa singer or saxophonist, but she also sounds like he is a Brazilian soul singer. Tania Maria was raised in Sao Luis, Brazil’s north, by a musical family. She was quickly able to recognize the rhythm and tempo of Brazilian music. Six years later, she is the leader of a local band that wins the first prize in a contest. She began playing the piano at age 7. Her own effervescent style of playing the piano and her rapid-tongued vocals combined with American jazz’s improvisational spirit led to her masterful synthesis. Tania Maria has 6 years of classical piano training. However, her highly-praised vocal skills are a result of her Brazilian heritage. She is well-known for her ebullient scat songs, but she describes herself as a pianist. She explains that she plays percussion on her piano, and not smooth runs up-and-down scales. She often scats in harmony or unison with the notes she touches, so words are not an issue. Tania Maria’s 1971 album, “Olha Quem Chega”, was released in Brazil. However, it was her move to France in late 1970’s, that brought Tania to the attention Concord Records. Charlie Byrd, an American guitarist, noticed her remarkable musical ability and her free-spirited spirit at a concert in Australia. He recommended her to Carl Jefferson, the founder of Concord Records. In 1983, she moved to New York and released “Come With Me” on Concord Records. It was a worldwide hit and the title track is still being played in jazz and soul clubs across Europe, Japan, and America. Tania is a remarkable improviser, best known for her unique interpretations of Brazilian, Afro-Latin and Pop music. Tania has performed at almost every major Jazz Festival around the globe and has been featured on numerous television and radio shows. Tania is a well-known international veteran with more than 25 albums as her leader. She has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs. Allaboutjazz

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