Tarbaby is a flexible, organic environment where musicians of like mind are welcome to join. We aim to expand the group with the help of Revis, Evans, and Waits. There are no limits, this is only the beginning. These core members are a great deal of experience and we look forward to seeing the results. Tarbaby, the sonic project, was created in a studio session with five of the most multi-dimensional jazz musicians of the Summer 2006: pianist Orrin Evans (drummer Nasheet Waits), Eric Revis (bassist), and J.D. (tenor saxophonist). Allen and Stacy Dillard. T.C. T.C. III joined the group for 2 tracks. JazzTimes magazine described their hard-hitting explorations on the eponymous Imani Records debut recording as “a group which interacts beautifully.” You will want more. Tarbaby is a master at making every second count. Tarbaby, a free-formed collective, has set the standard high. It is committed to preserving the core elements that make creative music great. Tarbaby’s core members took the project to another level in 2010. They were joined by Oliver Lake and Nicholas Payton and again with J.D. Allen. Tarbaby’s second album, “The End Of Fear”, is due to be released in Summer/Fall 2010. It transmits the collective’s insistence statement with greater power. The release features compositions by Andrew Hill and Fats Waller as well as originals from Evans, Waits, Revis, and Evans. from http://www.estrugamng.com

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