Télémaque (joe Mcphee / John Pope / Paul Hession)

Telemaque is a trio made up of Joe McPhee and John Pope. Their debut album, The King’s Hall Concert was released in April 2020. However, it’s actually a live recording taken at the Newcastle Festival of Jazz u0026 Improvised Music in 2018. It was recorded live in 2018 by the trio, and is now being released to the public. McPhee and Pope play trumpet and sax respectively, while Pope plays double bass and Hession plays drums. The trio improvises together on two long A and B sides. Although the free improvisation is challenging for some listeners, the ideas presented are inspiring and allow the listener to follow the trio’s journey. There are moments of quiet, tentative playing that are juxtaposed with big, climactic builds that create tension and resolve. This is the place to explore if you enjoy live and improvised music. from www.lancasterjazz.com

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