Terje Sundby

Terje Sundby was born in Sweden but his Norwegian heritage means that he is a native of Norway. He was raised and educated in Gothenburg, where he studied ensemble and composition at The College of Music. He has been playing with many different groups, from folk to ethno, fusion to Latin, Latin to jazz, since the late 1980s. His music has been recorded by many different groups on multiple CDs. He is also associated with many international musicians, including Tomasz Stanko and Lew Soloff. Terje Sundby is the leader of his own band, “Ynde”, since 2002. Terje Sundby is a composer and musician who has also taught composition and music theory at Aalborg, Denmark and Ingesund, Sweden. He has also given many workshops and guest clinics. from http://www.touchemusic.se

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