Terkel Nørgaard

Born in 1983 and raised in Copenhagen. Terkel studied with many of the best teachers in Denmark and America, including Dan Weiss and Jeff Ballard. He has performed with many artists, including Ralph Alessi and Palle Mikkelborg. Jorgen Leth and Lars Jansson. Thomas Agergaard. Mikkel Ploug. Niels Vincentz, Jeppe Skokbakke, Soren Ullrik Thomsen. Bob Rockwell. Nicolaj Stocholm. Terkel Norgaard works with Terkel Norgaard. Terkel Norgaard Quartet, Terkel Norgaard Quartet and the trio CLT are all Terkel’s projects. Music education: 2012 – 2014 Cand. Musicae from Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen 2009 – 2012 Bachelor from Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen 2006 – 2009 Master from Musicology, University of Copenhagen. from https://terkelnorgaard.com

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