Tfaruk Love Communication

Tfaruk Love Communication was established in 2007 by Tomek Balaun, a Polish musician who is closely connected to the avant-garde jazz scene. This group includes people from different musical backgrounds and traditions, including jazz, punk rock, and classical music. The group explores the topic of improvised musical compositions. Their explorations begin with modern, trans jazz and then move on to electronic and ethnic sounds. Their unique orchestra is what gives life to their distinctive style. Acoustic instruments (bass clarinet and saxophones, percussion instruments, etc.) are mixed with electronic and mechanical instruments. Multikult Projecti, a Polish independent record company released their album with well-known Polish jazz musicians such as Wojtek Mazolewski, Tymon Tymanski and Tomek Jankowiak. Personnel: Tomek Balaun – percussion and electronic Piotr Mechel – bass clarnet Michal Fetler, sax Piotr Tarnawski and bass Daniel Karpinski. The name of this band is a joke. Tymon Tymanski, one of the guests, and Tomasz Ballau, who founded the band, are strong links to the yass movement. There’s still a lot of music for non-polish listeners. from

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