Thana Alexa

Thana Alexa is undoubtedly a rising star. She is a rising star due to her exceptional musicianship, powerful voice, and strong stage presence. She has quickly earned a reputation in New York City for being dependable, creative, and competent addition to any band. She is well-known for her unique arrangements and compositions, which often include the use of her voice as an instrument. This makes her popular with both listeners and musicians. Thana’s debut solo album, “Ode to Heroes”, was released on Harmonia Mundi Jazz Village in March 2015. It features original compositions and arrangements that mark a significant step in her career. This album features an amazing band of musicians, including Sergio Salvatore and Antonio Sanchez. Scott Colley, Donny McCaslin and Christos Rafalides are also special guests on the album. Thana has performed with many well-known musicians, including Antonio Sanchez (performances include the Montreal Jazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival), Bernard Purdie, Leny White and Buster Williams), Leny White, Junior Mance and Donny McCaslin. George Colligan, Julian Lage and Ari Hoenig were some of his other guests. Thana has collaborated with many musicians, including Antonio Sanchez’s new album “New Life”, as well as composing and recording for guitarist Gene Ess’s album “Fractal Attraction”, and another upcoming album by Bernard “Pretty”. Thana has performed with Antonio Sanchez at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Bernard “Pretty”, Purdie, Leny White, Buster Williams and Donny McCaslin. The Croatian Music Academy (PORIN) nominated Thana’s original composition, “Siena”, for Best Jazz Composition in 2011. The album was also nominated as Best Jazz Album. It was an immense honor to be nominated for this award, which is the equivalent of the GRAMMY. Thana was awarded the Jazzon Alpe-Adria International Competition for Composers 2011 for “Ode to Heroes”, the title track on her forthcoming album. Thana graduated from the New School University with a Bachelor in Jazz and Contemporary Music as well as a Bachelor in Psychology. Thana was born in New York City but grew up in Croatia, her family’s homeland. There, she was mentored by Bosko Petrovic, a vibraphonist and club owner. From

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