The Abstract Truth Big Band

The Blues and the Abstract Truth” is a seminal album that was recorded in February 1961. It featured material composed and arranged for by the legendary saxophonist Oliver Nelson. It sounds vibrant and fresh after more than 50 years. The unique harmony and melodic improvisation approach keeps it alive. Jorg Achim, who is currently the music director at NDR Radio Big Band Hamburg and previously the MD of HR Radio Big Band Frankfurt, will direct the big band today. He is a highly respected writer in Europe. His productions have included Joe Pass, Joe Pass and Eliane Elias. Jorg’s version Of The Blues And The Abstract Truth was originally composed for the German HR Radio Big Band in Frankfurt. This modern update is for a 17-piece big band. This recording features some of the soloistic highlights of the original small-group recording. It also includes Keller’s acclaimed individual writing style which is heavily influenced by Oliver Nelson. This project was put together by Dave O’Higgins and Judith. It has attracted some of UK’s finest musicians (which includes Dave O’Higgins, a saxophonist). This band features the likes Martin Shaw, Henry Armburg Jennings and Mark Nightingale as well as Howard McGill, Sammy Mayne and Graham Harvey. There will also be ample room for Sebastiaan de Krom to perform, just like with jazz Big Bands. from

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