The Atlanta Young Lions

A group of musicians, including Lee Morgan, the trumpeter, and Wayne Shorter the saxophonist, entered the studio to record five tracks. This album would be the introduction to jazz’s new phrase. They took their title from The Young Lions novel by Irwin Shaw 1948 to promote the idea that jazz could be changed by a small number of young, talented artists. Although many of The Young Lions’ artists were already well-known in the music industry, the unique creation of this album changed the jazz world and opened the door to many other important recordings from the 1960s. While other generations of “Young Lions”, established new jazz directions and leaders, the roar that crowned a post-Millennial band of motivated, tenacious musicians seems to have diminished. Hot Shoe Records, which is now The Atlanta Young Lions has continued a tradition that started in the post-bop era. Five young, vibrant musicians have made Atlanta jazz their home. Enjoy their debut! The Atlanta Young Lions are: Akeem Marable, (alto sax) Ryan Whitehead (tenor sax, clarinet) Nick Rosen (piano) Will Goble (bass) Justin Chesarek (drums) from

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