The Boot Lagoon

The Boot Lagoon are a band that loves old vinyl, analog synths, and valve amps. After seeing them perform at a festival in 2009, Daevid Allen, a Gong legend and instigator of the psychedelic “Canterbury scene”, exclaimed that the “Canterbury muse” is now singing again. The sound of this four-piece is reminiscent of Caravan, Egg, Hatfield and the North and Soft Machine, but it’s their unique sound that sets them apart from other ‘progressive rock revivalists’. It can feel like you are being pulled along by your hair on a tour of a mansion designed by M.C. Escher! Their music is complex and precise, but they have an undercurrent soulfulness and a clear sense of collective and personal commitment to the musical adventure they are on. They recently traveled to Wicker Studios in London, a studio that Syd Arthur created in Southeast London. It is quickly becoming a hub for new Canterbury bands. After establishing a solid live sound, ‘The Boot’ have fully adopted the Wicker approach to hybridising digital editing and analogue recording techniques. They also explored the potential for imaginative overdubs and made good use of Zoo For You’s Owen Hewson’s saxophone talent and Syd Arthur’s masterful violin playing. from

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