The Charlie Munro Quartet

One of Australia’s most famous modern recordings, Eastern Horizons was the result of many jazz workshop sessions that were recorded in Sydney in the middle of the 1960s. This pioneering exploration into eastern-influenced modern jazz is one of the earliest examples of the genre. It predates other internationally recognized indo and eastern-influenced jazz recordings from the late 60s and early 1970s. The Quartet followed in the footsteps Yusef Lateef’s exotic jazz and early 60s Coltrane’s footsteps and experimented with different eastern influences such as Islamic, Jewish, and Japanese scales. Featuring important Sydney Jazz musicians, Charlie Munro (Saxophonist and Cello) and Drummer/Percussionist, Mark Bowden they enlisted young players Neville Whitehead on Bass (Future Neil Ardley and Ian Carr) and top Sydney session Trombonist Bob McIvor (Sven Libaek), they together delved deep into modern jazz exploration. This reissue, which is the first in 35 years, provides a unique insight into the under-reported and highly explorative Australian jazz of 1960s. Discogs

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