The Clarinet Trio

British Avant Magazine described Clarinet Trio as: “Oh boy, great news!” Here’s some music that will benefit your digestive system, Tony Coe and Michael Moore. I must be excited because there are two exclamation points in the same sentence. This is how it works: Imagine the Clusone Trio was all clarinets. Han Bennink didn’t play drums, but instead played bassclarinet. Imagine Tony Coe, the great hunter standards expert, was back to experimentation. You might also think of an Art Ensemble of Chicago, where Famoudou Don Moye has gone on holiday and there are no clarinets remaining in the arsenal. What about Steve Beresford’s cocktail club with clarinet accompaniment. All of that together will bring you to the place where Clarinet Trio has pitched their reeds. This is music that has serious intentions, but it’s also fun. Music that moves between formal German classical song form, European ,,Free” music values, Blues and Gospel, New Composition and a little Tin Pan Alley … from

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