The Code

The Code is a Toronto-based contemporary jazz/fusion band. The Code was formed in 1996 by John Pelosi, guitarist/composer, and Rick Fellini (keyboardist/composer). Pat Kilbride played bass and Paul DeLong drummed. The Code was the debut album by this group. In 2001 came a second cd called “Figli di Baia”. The cd included a new sound, with Paul Christopher as vocalist and Armando Borg as percussionist. Keyboardist Richard Evans replaced Rick Fellini on most tracks with the exception of Corner Pocket (written/keyboards by R.Fellini ) and also Explaining Naples(keyboards-Marco Lucianni). After a long hiatus, The Code is back with “Mianca”, a new CD. Rick Fellini is back on all tracks, except for “No Problem”, which features Tony Padalino as keyboardist. Three tracks feature Mike Ferfolia, a vocalist. The Code will be playing regular gigs in Toronto. bio by John

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