The Conga Kings

Candido Camero is an 80-year-old elder statesman of conga from Havana. He is a living encyclopedia on the history of Cuban music. Candido Camero was born in La Habana’s El Cerro district. He has been on more than 100 albums as a bandleader. Candido has collaborated with many of the greatest jazz musicians, including Dinah Washington and Charlie Parker. Carlos “Patatoā€¯ Valdez, a veteran musician, has a fifty-year career. Patato is a congueros who have been in high demand in Latin music and jazz since the 1950’s. Perez Prado and Beny More, Cachao and Tito Puente are some of his congueros. He also recorded and toured with Quincy Jones, Dizzy Giillespie, Dizzy Gillespie, Miguelito Valdes and Beny More. He also composed and acted in the title song for The Bill Cosby Show. Giovanni Hidalgo, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico has recorded and performed with artists such as Tito Puente and Michel Camilo, Ruben blades, Ruben Blades and Peter Gabriel. He also recorded with Carlos Santana and Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum ensemble. As a bandleader, he has recorded four albums, including Hands of Rhythm (1997) GRAMMY-Award nominee. Camero, Patato and Candido work together to create one the most important summits in Cuban music history. Their albums, The Conga Kings u0026 Jazz Descargas, were recorded in Chesky Records’ trademark glorious sound. They are a celebration of the vibrancy and artistry that is Latin jazz.

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