The Delegation

Gabriel Zucker’s indie-jazz orchestra The Delegation was established in 2013. It has already set new standards in New York’s vibrant music scene. The group’s remarkable roster of jazz musicians creates an original and emotional sound that combines Zucker’s metric complexity, maximalist approach, and melodic stylings, which is a unique approach to improvisation in 21st-century music. The Ottawa Citizen, Jazz Gallery and American Composers Forum have all written extensive profiles about the ensemble’s musical philosophy. The Delegation performed across the Northeast, Canada, Europe and has received numerous awards for its compositions from ASCAP as well as the American Composers Forum. The Delegation’s passionate 12-movement composition, Evergreen (Canceled World), was released in October 2016. It serves as the band’s ambitious and sprawling debut record. The single record, which was one of only current 2016 releases on ESP Disk’, reached the top 10 lists and was praised by Downbeat as a “fascinating sonic installation”. All About Jazz gave the record four stars and said that Evergreen lived up to its expansive scope. This is a young man who has a deep sense of tone, colour, and how it can wrought from various instrumentation to be affectingly cantorial’, expressive, and hugely symphonic too.” The nearly two-hour-long record features everything from angular rhythmic beats to Radiohead-inspired soundscapes, jarring electronic-infused chamber music, and enigmatic lullabies. The Delegation is currently recording Leftover Beats from the Edges Of Time. Parts of this record were first performed by Zucker in a solo recital at Weill Hall (Carnegie Recital Hall) in March 2017. from

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