The Deluge

The instrumental group was founded in 2005 by Andrew McKee (guitar), Matthew O’Rane(viola), and Grant Jordan (drums). They have won over audiences with their mix of progressive rock, jazz and classical music. Their debut album, “Inverted Earth”, a concept album that places the Biblical flood story in modern times, will be released in spring 2010. The debut EP by The Deluge, self-titled in 2007, received positive reviews and was a modest success. The Deluge performed as a trio at numerous jazz clubs, rock/pop music festivals, and college campuses in support of their debut EP. The band received enough attention from the local music scene that they were named 2008 “Best Instrumental Act” by Inland Empire Weekly. The band decided that they had exhausted their first album and started work on a second. 2009 was their year of achieving their ambitious goals. The Deluge are proud to have created something new and exciting for music with their new album. They have also added a group of talented musicians to live perform the songs. from

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