The Dime Notes

The Dime Notes delve back into the jazz-drenched 1920’s New Orleans jazz and uncover a collection of blues and stomps from the era. They include songs by Johnny Dodds and Jelly Roll Morton, as well as forgotten gems from such musicians like Red Nichols and Jelly Roll Morton. The band features Chris Barber’s clarinetist David Horniblow (an established figure in London’s jazz scene) and Andrew Oliver (a new arrival to the UK). Dave Kelbie, London’s best rhythm guitarist, is the band’s anchor. Tom Wheatley, a native Londoner who is highly sought after for his unique sound and stylistic versatility, occupies the bass chair. The Dime Notes offer a new take on an old style. They emphasize the propulsive grooves, sultry melodies that made early jazz so revolutionary, controversial and wildly successful. from

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