The Funky Meters

Art Neville, George Porter Jr. and Russe1l batiste Jr. formed the foundation of the funky METERS. Art Neville and George Porter Jr. are the founding members of The Meters. In 1967, keyboardist Art recruited George Modeliste, bass player, and drummer Joseph (Zigaboo), Modeliste, and guitarist Leo Nocentelli. The Meters have been rocking their way across the globe for 31 years. They have performed with the Rolling Stones and been a studio band for many artists, including Dr. John, Paul McCartney and Robert Palmer. In the late 1970’s, the original Meters broke up. Art Neville and George Porter Jr. were the original Meters. Today, they are joined by Russell Batiste Jr. (drums) and Brian Stoltz (guitar). They are officially known as the funky MEETERS. The funky METERS continue to tap into The Meters’ musical heritage, while bringing the sound into the future. Their signature sound combines funk, blues and dance grooves with an authentic New Orleans feel. Art and George were joined in 1994 by Russell Batiste, guitarist, and they were officially named The Funky METERS. This group carried on the funk torch until 2007, when Stoltz decided to go solo and Ian Neville (son of Meters founder Art Neville) joined the band as guitarist. Ian was raised in the Neville house and toured with The Neville Brothers as well as Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk. He was ready to take over the guitar duties to lead the band into the future. Brian Stoltz was invited by funky METERS to perform with Ian’s band, Dumpstaphunk. The band was on stage as if they had never skipped a beat. This was when the audience and band knew that Brian was the right person for them. After four years of Ian being in the band, it was time for him to concentrate on his own success. Funky METERS invited Brian back to join the band full-time. The combined resumes of the four members of the band speak volumes about the creativity and musicianship that they bring to any stage. After three years of solid touring, including Bonnaroo and New Orleans Jazz dates, the band is now firmly established.

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