The Grande Campagnie Des Musiques À Ouïr

La Campagnie des Musiques a France: Denis Charolles – drums, percussions and voice. Fred Gastard – bass sax. Julien Eil – baritone sax. Sylvain Baldiau – trumpet. This witty company juggles a variety music styles and takes delight in playing on different sounding objects. The audience is captivated by the humorous spectacles, regardless of what they play. Denis Charolles is the soul and old-timer of the group. He is an inventive improviser and a percussionist and reed player. Charolles is a sought-after musician in many French madcap projects. He works with several groups. His musical vocabulary blends elements of folklore and popular French music. Marc Ducret, a well-known French guitarist in Lithuania, has been among his collaborators. Fred Gastard, a saxophonist and composer, is an improviser and composer. He has participated in Melosolex and Le Sacre Du Tympan. He writes music for theatre and collaborates with singers. Django Bates and Michel Portal have been his musical friends. Sanseverino is another of his favorite musicians. Julien Eil helps to deepen the improvisations of his colleagues using his clarinet and saxophone. The trio will share the stage with Sylvain Bardiau, a long-time friend and trumpeter. His creativity is vast. He can be found in many genres, including jazz, funk, salsa, reggae and electro-acoustic, popular and electronic music. Electronics are his favorite way to enhance the potential of his instruments (he also plays flugelhorn and tuba). Bardiau is a sought-after partner, who is valued both onstage as well as on record. He also works on his solo projects, including Journal Intime brass trio. He has worked with Emmanuel Bex and Remi Sciuto, Remi Sciuto, Vincent Peirani. Antonin Rayon, Jacques Higelin. Winston MacAnuff. Calypso rose, Rodolphe Burger. Camille Bazbaz. Eric Lareine. You can hear his instruments on five CDs. from

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