The Ideal Bread

Ideal Bread is a quartet dedicated to playing music composed by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy. Sometime in 2006 Josh Sinton and I began getting together as a duo to investigate Lacy’s music, there the idea was hatched to start a band that focused solely on this material. We also decided that the band would not include soprano sax. Many people find that interesting but, to Josh and I, it was the obvious choice. The band became a quartet and began rehearsing for months before we started playing gigs. Tomas Fujiwara has played drums since the start of the band and bass player Reuben Radding played with us for years. The bass chair is now filled by Adam Hopkins. In addition to our 2 recordings below we also completing recording our 3rd project in July 2013, “Beating the Teens” will be a 2 disc set on Cuneiform Records, comprising all the material Lacy recorded for the Sarava label in the 1970’s. We have also been very lucky to play alongside Lacy alumni Irene Aebi and Roswell Rudd! from

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