The Jumpin’ Chi-chis

The Jumpin’ Chi-Chi’s make original party music — they’re swingin’ and rockin; it’s happy, feel-good, authentic first-rate Memphis music. The Jumpin’ Chi’s have a few notable members: Reid McCoy, sax player Jim Spake, bassist Sam Shoup, keyboardist Tony Thomas and drummer Tom Lonardo. You would need a phonebook to list all the sessions and bands these locals have been part of over the years. The group’s members have received NARAS Premier Player Awards, played in concerts with stars like Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett, and contributed to more than a billion records and songs. One of their original songs, “Down at the Monkey,” was also featured in the Disney movie Dr. Dolittle: Tail To the Chief. Another original song, “Chi-Chi Moon,” was featured on the Canadian HBO series Working Girls in Bed. Mama would be proud! They would be proud of Mom! The Chi-Chi’s have it all, from the W.C. Fields-inspired jump blues in “322 Pearl Avenue” to the Rufus Thomas-worthy funk of “Can’t Get Down” and the Hawaiian-cast “Wicky Wacky” to the N’Awlins-meets Bo Diddley vamp “Let’s Do Chi Chi-Chi”, the Chi-Chi’s will get your joint jumping. These guys are a rare example of Virtuoso-delivered humor. They will make any room swell with their great musical talent and good-humour. From

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