The Ocular Concern

The Ocular Concern was formed in a trio consisting of Dan, Andrew and Stephen. They explored interlocking rhythmic compositions, improvisations, and selected covers of eastern European folk music and contemporary jazz. Their debut EP was released on 11/11/2011. Although they tried to avoid the logistical difficulties of larger groups, Dan and Andrew still dreamed of having more members. Andrew was commissioned to compose and perform a new score for the 1966 Japanese monster film “Gamera vs. Barugon”. The addition of clarinet was inevitable. For an entertaining run of shows at Portland’s Hollywood Theatre, David Evans joined the trio. The show was performed for more than 600 people in August 2011. Lee Elderton, a San Francisco native, moved to Portland in the following year and took over the clarinet chair. Nathan Beck followed him on vibraphone, mbira and the Shona thumb piano, Nathan Beck. Andrew and Dan quickly created a rich collection of originals, and the band was revived as a quintet. Dan received a Regional Arts and Culture Council Project Grant in 2013 for the composition and performance a new suite. This extended the band’s chamber aesthetic by including special guest string players Erin Furbee and Brian Quincey and Alex Krebs on bandoneon (the Argentine tango accordion). from

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