The Peddlers

The Peddlers were a British trio of jazz/soul musicians from the 1960s and 70s. The Peddlers were formed in Manchester by Trevor Gladstone Emanuel Morais (born 10 October 1944 in Liverpool), Tab Martin (born Alan Raymond Brearey 24 December 1944 in Newcastle upon Tyne), and Roy Phillips (born Roy Godfrey Phillips 5 May 1941 in Parkstone, Poole in Dorset). Morais, the drummer had played previously with Faron’s Flamingoes, Rory Storm, and the Hurricanes, who had failed to replace Ringo starr when he left to join The Beatles. Martin, the bassist is known for his unusual style of holding a Gibson EB-2 guitar upright as if it were a string instrument. Phillips was a vocalist and keyboardist in The Saints, The Tornados and The Soundtracks. The group started a residency in London at Annies Room, where they also played the Scotch of St James, and The Pickwick. This was where the group recorded their first album, Live at the Pickwick. Pete Murray introduced the group. Before joining CBS in 1967, the trio released six singles on Philips’ record label and an EP. Their 1965 cover of “Let the Sunshine In”, charted at the UK Singles Chart. They released the 1968 album Freewheelers. It contained standards arranged and performed by Keith Mansfield. The 1968 release, Three in a Cell, featured a 1968 version of “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”, which was later sampled to hear the Hammond organ riff and bass. In 1969, the third and final CBS album, Birthday was released. It brought two UK Top 40 singles to the band, “Girlie” and “Birth”, which reached No. 17. After Birthday, the Peddlers went back to Philips where they released Suite London (1972) and Georgia on My Mind (1971). They released Three for All on Philips in 1970, including “Tell the World Were Not In”, “Working Again”, “My Funny Valentine”, and “Love for Sale”. Trevor Morais, who was on an Australian tour in 1972 with the trio, left and was replaced by Paul Johnston on drums. 1976 saw the dissolution of The Peddlers. How Cool Is Cool… CBS released The Complete CBS Recordings in 2002. Luke Vibert, an electronic record producer, sampled “Impressions Part 3)” from “The Premise” to make his track “The Premise”, which was featured on Musipal’s album. From Wikipedia

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