The Shithole Country & Boogie Band (mats Gustafsson – Wendy Gondeln – Wolfgang Voigt)

Mats Gustafsson was the 2018 saxophonic material provider for Wendy Gondeln. Gondeln used a scalpel or a pneumatic drill to rework, remix and reimagine the Swede’s sounds, pops, blats and tones. Gondeln sometimes adds a violent violin to thicken it, making Ornette’s fiddling look like Yehudi Menuhin. Disjunct Techno and Improvised Music are not common companions. The Shitholes make it all work beautifully, inviting Wolfgang Voigt (minimal techno pioneer in Cologne) to remix and edit two of the tracks. Martin Siewert (engineer) is the other guest star on the CD. He contributes lap top guitar and guitar to several tracks. The Shithole Country is not your typical music.

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