The Smith-glamann Quintet

Betty Glamann Voorhees, May 21, 1923 – September 3 1990 was an American jazz pianist. She was born in Wellington Kansas. Glamann began playing harp when she was ten years old. Glamann was a member of a conservatory, and she was the harpist at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for three consecutive years. Spike Jones was her first partner in 1948. She founded the Smith-Glamann Quintet, in 1955. In 1955, she played with Duke Ellington, Marian McPartland, and Oscar Pettiford, between 1955 and 1958. She recorded Jazz Contrasts with Kenny Dorham’s group in 1957. She was part of a Michel Legrand recording session in 1958 with John Coltrane, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. In 1958 she also played with Eddie Costa and the Modern Jazz Quartet in 1960. Swinging on a Harp was her first album. Wikipedia

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