The Sound Stylistics

Recorded as a Bruton library record, Sound Stylistics’ first album ‘Deep Funk” became a legend among collectors around the globe. It was a word-of-mouth phenomenon and collectors’ dream due to its inability to get a proper release. The legendary status of this album has not diminished despite the efforts of bootleggers, file-sharers and backstreet dealers to sell illegitimate copies. It finally got a Freestyle release in May 2007. It was the number one jazz download in Japan at its release and received rave reviews from all of the specialist soul and Funk record dealers around the world. The album was performed by some of the most talented musicians on the planet and a veritable “who’s who” of London funk. It featured the JTQ rhythm section, which included Gary Crockett (bass), Neil Robinson (drums), and Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), and Mark Van der Gucht and Galliano (guitars). Jim Watson, Incognito, Zero 7 and heavyweight horns Dominic Glover (trumpet-Brand New Heavies) joined them.

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