The Spellcasters

It all began at JV’s, a legendary roadhouse in Northern Virginia. D.C.-born guitarists Joel Harrison and Anthony Pirog, musical soul mates, took to the stage for their first gig together. They performed a set of jazz-amped honkytonk songs in front of a stunned audience. Two Telecasters weren’t enough. John Previti, the show’s bassist, was joined by Danny Gatton, a guitar legend for twenty-years. He invited Dave Chappell to join him. Soon, three Telecasters were on the road exploring shared history and new frontiers. The Spellcasters were created. Spellcasters are specialized in music created by and for the Fender Telecaster, an American invention. D.C. legends Danny Gatton, and Roy Buchanan are two “Telly” icons who have inspired the band. This repertoire features Harrison’s transcriptions from two lesser-known compositions by Danny, as well covers from Danny’s repertoire, such as “Harlem Nocturne and “Rock Candy”. The band also performs “Sweet Dreams,” which Roy Buchanan frequently played. They are proud of their mentors but The Spellcasters seek their own identity. It is a crossroads between styles that crosses the Mason-Dixon Line where jazz, rockabilly and R.

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