The Suite Unraveling

The Suite Unraveling, a Brooklyn-based instrumental band that features guitarist and composer Lily Maase, is an instrumental rock trio. They are slightly obsessed with robots. They also love to smash watermelons. Maase, along with his cohorts Michael Kammers, (saxophone/farfisa or) and Curt Garey, (percussion/laptop), embrace influences such as Ornette Coleman, Morbid Angel, Gallagher, electronic music, and guitar legends from the past. The goal? The goal? To create something new and honest, rooted in simpler times but reaching for the unknown with reckless abandon. In 2010 the Suite Unraveling were composers-in-residency at the University of New Mexico Composers’ Symposium, where they presented music alongside Martin Bresnick and Bill Frisell. The Suite Unraveling presented 33 nights of music over 35 days in January 2011. The group visited Brooklyn, upstate New York and back three times during the year. They were awarded a grant by Texas A

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