The Swingle Singers

Ward Swingle founded the French vocal group in 1962. They were originally a French band that sang classical songs with a capella/jazz arrangement. They won three Grammy Awards in 1965 and 1964, which made them very popular in America. In 1973, the French group was disbanded. Ward moved to England and formed Swingle II, which had a wider repertoire. He continued active participation with the group until 1985. Ward remained musical advisor to the Swingle Singers, and they have continued with new members. The original double-quartet was: Alto: Alice Herald – Anne Germain Soprano : Christiane Legrand – Jeanette Baucomont Tenor : Claude Germain — Ward Swingle (Arranger). Bass : Jean Cussac – Jose Germain The current members include: Sopranos Sara Brimer, Joanna Goldsmith Eteson Altos : Clare Wheeler, Lucy Bailey Tenors : Christopher Jay, Richard Eteson (up to 3/2010) Basses : Tobias Hug, Kevin Fox, Tobias Hug, The New Swingle Singers, The Swingle Singers, The Swingles and finally, The Swingle Singers. The group has not disbanded since the London group’s inception. From discogs

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