Theon Cross

Cross is a member of Shabaka Hutchings’ Sons of Kemet, and a vital figure in London’s vibrant jazz scene. He brings new energy and enthusiasm to the tuba. This instrument has been neglected for a long time in jazz and its offshoots. The Sons of Kemet live show will end at a point where Shabaka Hutchings, the saxophonist, and his dueling drummers, drop out. This leaves room for Theon Cross, the tuba player, to take over and lead. It’s always a thrilling moment. Cross’ solo can range from Dixieland to modern bass music, in a matter of seconds. Cross can also take many detours through free Jazz, dub, hip-hop and grime as well as other sounds from Afro-Caribbean diaspora. Cross’s versatility has made him an important catalyst in the bustling London jazz scene over the years. His low-end skills have helped power some of the city’s most notable acts, including Hutchings and drummer Moses Boyd. Nubya Garcia is a saxophonist, while the Ezra Collective features Nubya Garca. Cross is the leader of Fyah’s band, with Boyd, Garcia and Boyd as his trio for most parts. Cross’ brother Nathaniel plays trombone and Wayne Francis plays tenor saxophone. Artie Zaitz is on electric guitar. Cross and his horn can be heard rumbling through Fyah’s eight tracks like an underground train. They connect and deepen the interplay between the members, no matter if they are tackling brash uptempo beats or more tranquil meditations. From

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