Thomas Strønen

Thomas Stronen, born 1972, is the founder and leader for the Norwegian/British group FOOD. He is joined by Iain Ballamy, a British sax player. Food has evolved from a quartet consisting of Mats Eilertsen, Arve Henriksen, and now they invite other musicians to join them. Recently, Christian Fennesz, Jan Bang, and Nils Petter Molvaer played. ECM just released Foods 6th album, featuring Fennesz u0026 Molvaer. Humcrush is a duo featuring keyboardist Stale Storlokken (and occasionally Sidsel Endereen). The ECM recording group Parish features ace Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson and Fredrik Ljungkvist, as well as Mats Eilertsen. Pohlitz (Rune Grammofon), a percussion/ electronic project that uses only melodic elements and no drums, is called Pohlitz. Stronen also composes music for string quartet. In fall 2007, Pohlitz performed his own compositions in string quartet ( Mr. McFalls Chamber ) and percussion/ electronic at various venues in the UK to commemorate Edvard Grieg. Just mixed is a record that includes music for strings, piano, and saxophone. Stay tuned for more information! Meadow, a new band featuring John Taylor and Tore Brunborg, released their debut-album on Hecca Records last fall. A new solo/ pohlitz album is in the works. …. a new live-record with Humcrush u0026 Sidsel Endresen. from

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