Ben Crosland – Bass Steve Waterman – Trumpet/Flugelhorn Steve Lodder – Piano/Keyboards Threeway combines two of the UK’s leading players with one of the North’s most experienced bandleader/composers. Crosland, who had been leading his Quintet, Octet, and Quartet for fifteen years, formed the trio with Lodder and Waterman, two long-term associates, to explore the subtle and unexplored possibilities of a group that doesn’t use drums. The interplay of the players creates an intense intensity and an acute awareness to dynamics. A variety of original compositions by all members of the group and the various tone colours created by instruments make for a well-rounded performance. It also features contemporary interpretations of classic standards. Threeway’s music can be heard best in concert settings. This makes them a great group to ‘listen’ at jazz venues, arts centers, music festivals, and concert societies. In 2005, the group released its debut album, “Conversations” JCCD 110. It has received a lot of critical acclaim. The CD was featured on BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line Up on 15 April 2006. Threeway toured the country with Jazz Services’ support in Autumn 2007. He was also featured on BBC Radio 3 Jazz Record Requests, 20 October 2007. Threeway’s second album, “Songs of the Year” JCCD112, was launched at the 606 Club in London in October 2009. It received four-star reviews from jazz writers. The album was also featured on BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line Up on 21 June 2009, and 6 December 2009. The band’s third album, “Looking Forward, looking back” JCCD115, featuring Jim Hart on vibes was released in December 2013. The album has received a lot of positive reviews. It has also received a number of positive reviews. from

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