Throttle Elevator Music

Throttle Elevator Music, a charmingly named project by Gregory Howe, was launched in 2012 as an aggressive expansion of the more laid-back Wide Hive Players’ mellower turf. Throttle Elevator has been called jazz-punk or punk-jazz. However, it is possible to describe the combination of textures by pointing out elements that are similar to Trevor Watts’ Moire Music Trio, Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Decoding Society, Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time, or even Last Exit. Throttle Elevator Music’s bassist/pianist Matt Montgomery is joined by Lumpy, the drummer/guitarist. This fine tenor saxophonist hails from Los Angeles and has worked with Snoop Dogg and Marcus Miller, Gerald Wilson and Phil Ranelin (through Howe’s production). You can have a lot of fun comparing Throttle Elevator Music to New Corporate Resistance, which was released in 2012 by The Neomythics. This album features Montgomery, Lumpy, and Wide Hive house drummer Thomas McCree, as well as guitarist Harvey Mandel. New Corporate Resistance also features Gregory Howe, who performs as a singer, guitarist and synthesizer operator. These albums are ideal for reckless dancing and nocturnal freeway driving. Allmusic

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