Thumbscrew is a group consisting of three well-known leaders in the new jazz/new musical scene. They make music that’s full of wonder, discovery, and joy. Their debut album is a testament to their commitment to creating new music specifically for the ensemble. Thumbscrew, while Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tomas Fujiwara on double bass and Tomas Fujiwara on drums are all well-known for their incredible abilities as improvisers. Thumbscrew, however is more of an instrument for composers. Formanek says that while many collaborative bands use material from other projects, one of the things they said at the start was let’s just make music for Thumbscrew. It will be Thumbscrew only music. It is really a trio of composers, and all our tunes are based on our aesthetics. We want everyone to be involved. Everyone is free to make a decision. It’s one the first co-ops that I have ever been to where everyone is willing to take charge at any moment. from

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