Tim Davies

Tim Davies, a Grammy-nominated arranger, composer and band leader, first imagined he would lead his own big band at the age of twelve. He was inspired by a cassette from Australia’s Daly-Wilson Big Band. His dream came true in 1998, when he founded his first band in Melbourne. Although it was short-lived by Tim’s move from Australia to the US in 2000, it had a significant impact on the music industry. Davies’ big band, which includes top session and touring musicians, has been based in Los Angeles since 2000. In 2002, the band released Epic. The band’s latest album, Dialmentia was released in May 2009. Davies is the drummer and creates unique arrangements while adding elements of rock, metal, classical, and hip-hop to the music. Davies’ big-band music can be heard all over the globe and he is frequently commissioned to create new works. In 2010, Davies’ “Counting to Infinity,” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition. In both the Australian and Los Angeles versions of Tim Davies Big Band, they have been recording tracks for their third album. This record, due September 2016, will include four charts from each band and a new work by the double big band. from www.timdaviesbigband.com

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