Tim Thornton

Tim Thornton, a bassist and a graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire, is a regular performer in British jazz. His musical parents, Neal Thornton (pianist/composer), and Sally Burgess (“Mezzo Soprano/Director”) influenced his early interest in music. After touring and releasing his debut album, ‘New Kid’ (SEHSO05), Tim was awarded the British Jazz Award for the Rising Star category in 2013. Jellymould Records will soon release his new album, “The Feel Good Place”, featuring James Gardiner–Bateman Grant Windsor and Chris Draper. His Quartet, which includes Grant Windsor, James Gardiner–Bateman and Chris Draper, is a regular on the Late Late Show at Ronnie Scott’s. He’s also a member of the Ronnie Scott’s Allstars led by James Pearson. Tim has also recorded and performed with numerous groups, including the Gilad Atzmon Quartet and Brandon Allen Quartet, Rob Barron Trio/Quartet and Jay Phelps Quartet/Sextet/Big band, Dave O’Higgins Quartet and Ivo Neame Quintet and James Torme Quintet. He is also a regular member of the Ronnie Scott’s Allstars, led by James Pearson. Tim has worked previously with Stan Sulzmann and Logan Richardson, Eric Alexander. Will Vinson, Jim Mullen. Soweto Kinch. Guy Barker. Sir Willard White. Alex Garnett, Gilad atzmon, Tina May. Tim Lapthorn. Georgia Mancio. Stan Tracey. Ernesto Simpson. Jim Hart. Ross Stanley. Nick Smart. Kit Downes. Tim can be seen performing at many venues around the world, but you will most likely find him playing in London at places such as Ronnie Scott’s and Pizza Express Jazz Club. from www.timthorntonbass.com

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