Time Grove

This ensemble of musicians, which includes Nitai Hershkovits, a pianist who is well-known, and Rejoicer (a Stones Throw recording artist), has created a sound that is delicate but powerful, sonorous, and uplifting. Eyal Talmudi is a reed player, along with Sol Monk, Roy Chen, Amir Bresler, and Sol Monk, as well as keyboard master Bemet, trumpeter Sefi Zishling and Yonatan Albalak, who together have created some of our favorite instrumental music in quite a while. The Time Grove Selections imprint was the first to release the project. This sub-label is part of Tel Aviv’s beloved, alternative-soul home Raw Tapes. The Beats Not Words album was the first of four “Time Grove” albums. Rejoicer and Sol Monk were the drummers. Each album was a collaboration between a top jazz producer and the tirelessly inventive Stones Throw musician. A new, original creation was born from the combination of freestyle jazz and electronic sound and groove. We jumped at the chance when Rejoicer approached Wah Wah 45s mid 2017 to discuss the possibility of an ensemble project that would bring together all the artists from the series for a joint album. From www.wahwah45s.com

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