Time Shift Accident

Time Shift, a German instrumental quartet, hails from Nuremberg. The band started as a loose, jam band in late 2013, but has since grown into a prog-fusion powerhouse with some highly experienced musicians. Since late 2014, the rhythm section has been a staple of the band: Paul Ettl (student at the Nurnberg Universit├Ąt of Music) combines effortless groove, taste, and mastery over odd meters while Michael Schetter (Relocator), provides driving and melodic basses as well as the majority of the band’s original compositions. Dave Mola (Effloresce) is the guitarist. His melodic sensibility, funky fusion approach and melodic tone will be a surprise to those who have equated him with heavy prog metal. Gunter W. Schmuck, who joined the band in the early part of 2019, is the newest addition to the keyboards. After studying jazz piano at Munich Jazz School, he recorded with the Fred Drumski Trio as well as the SHS Trio. He also led his own salsa band, Orquesta Mistica, and also played in the Fred Drumski Trio. Gunter is currently the musical director of Flames of Gospel’s choir band. CDBaby

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