Tin Pan

Tin Pan is a reference to the past, the most influential and enlightened forms of American music in the first half of the 20th Century – blues, jazz and American popular song. It would be wrong to claim that Tin Pan is fixed in the past. It is music that can be enjoyed deeply and joyfully in the present. They have a loyal following thanks to their music, which resonates strongly because it is pure in its intent – to make people smile, dance and conjure up the spirit of music. The band’s new album, Hound’s Tooth is a perfect example of their sound – effortless, wondrous, and festive. It feels a lot like Ray Charles or Tom Waits at Bourbon Street Parade. Jesse Selengut plays trumpet and leads vocals. Clifton Hyde plays guitar and hollerin’, Stefan Zeniuk plays reeds. Peter “Baby Hands”, Maness sings some and Peter “Baby Hands” Maness does some singing. Tin Pan is reminiscent of Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Irving Berlin. Selengut, a New York-based musician and curator of the Williamsburg Jazz Festival, founded the band in 2006. Because it’s so simple, you have to be completely committed to it – there is no hiding behind theory and pose.” Selengut knew that he had found the right man when he met Clifton Hyde from Mississippi. He has performed with Lou Reed, Debbie Harry, Blue Man Group, and many others. Jesse recalls that he auditioned 25 guitarists and found Clifton to be the right fit. Clifton is an experienced musician with blues and jazz, but he doesn’t have to be. He has an intuitive understanding about what dancers require.” Stefan Zeniuk joined the picture through Clifton, adding a touch more of the avant-garde. I’m not sure Stefan is interested in jazz. He has incredible energy. Tim Berne, (saxophonist), was his babysitter. Selengut laughs, “I think that has affected him for the rest of his life.” We chose Pete Maness, bassist, for his ability to slap the bass and spin the bass while simultaneously obtaining every girl’s number. They are a street band and often perform in Central Park or in the New York City Transit system. The band believes their music should be easily accessible, literally and metaphorically. They had two CDs, Early Jazz, Americana, and Alice McNulty in 2008. This is a remarkable feat for an unsigned band and garnered rave reviews in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and other publications. The band’s unique sound and sheer enjoyment has brought them a lot of attention, along with other seemingly odd friends. We played a campaign event in New York City for Mayor Bloomberg, played at the Guggenheim, and played supporting for MC Hammer. Jesse says it’s surreal. The band plays around 180 shows a year, mostly in New York. They live out their mission to share this music and to inspire. The band, Hound’s Tooth has refined and simplified their music to the core of its essence. Clifton and Jesse produced the album. The recording process was simple: just set up the microphones, and then play. You can hear master craftsmen recreating Americana from the first notes of “If The Sea Was Whiskey”. Clifton’s guitar blends seamlessly with the stand up bass. The horns are at once mournful and celebratory and triumphant and sad. It is the sound of a new romance in a late-night speakeasy filled with foreboding passion. Jesse’s passionate and passionate vocals are unique to him – they have found a space that includes everything from Bessie Smith through Tom Waits. They are expanding their reach and have been invited to perform in major swing dance festivals. Best Buy has brought Hound’s Tooth to their stores for distribution across the country. They’ll also be performing at Joe’s Pub in June, another sign that this band is here. Jesse says, “We may be together for three years now, but I feel like it’s just beginning now.” The band is performing beautifully. As a frontman, I feel more confident. We are really starting to grab people, and have them in our hand. In the next months, it seems certain that the legend of Tin Pan is only going to grow as word spreads about their excellence, but more importantly because of the love they share. from http://tinpanband.com

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