Tinnin Eckroth Delisfort

Tinnin, Eckroth, Delisfort are an acoustic/electric jazz group that consists of three of the most exciting artists in jazz. Shirazette Tinnin is the leader, Rachel Eckroth and Willerm Delisfort are the ones who created the sound. This album features a variety of Christmas songs in arrangements that are easy to listen to year round. Tinnin is a jazz drummer and percussionist, as well as a music educator, health trainer, and jazz drummer. Tinnin said, “It’s a fun record that makes light of all things.” Tinnin said, “You will hear the funny sound choices Rachel Eckroth makes for her synth-sounds as well as Willerm Delisfort’s humorous playing on the piano.” It’s funny, we are actually laughing at the track. CDBaby

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