Tiziano Tononi

Tiziano Tononi, born November 18, 1956 in Milan, is an Italian composer and percussionist. Tononi learned to play the drums in pop/rock as a teenager, and then switched to classical and jazz percussion in his teen years, where he studied with Andrew Cyrille, Bob Moses, and Bob Moses. He began playing in Milan in the 1980s and joined the Democratic Orchestra Milano. In the mid-80s, he co-founded the Nexus Ensemble with Daniele Cavallanti. He played with musicians like Pierre Favre and Tiziana Ghiglioni as well as Maggie Nicols, Maggie Nicols (Barre Phillips), Dewey Redman and Giancarlo Schiaffini in a variety idioms throughout the 1980s. Tononi was a member of the Jazz Chromatic Ensemble, the Italian Instabile Orchestra and a trio with Beppe Carruso in the 1990s. His Multiphonics Tuba Trio was formed in 1997 with Renato Geremia, Michel Godard and he also composed and arranged music, including Ketchup’s soundtrack and tributes to Don Cherry, Roland Kirk, and Michel Godard. Wikipedia

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