Toco (tomaz Di Cunto)

Tomaz di Cunto, also known as Toco, is a Brazilian composer and musician. Toco was born in San Paulo, Brazil in 1976. He started playing guitar as a child. While he was studying Science Of Communication at Faap University in his hometown, Toco made his first steps into the music industry by working on a TV show called Ensaio that focused on Brazilian music. Toco was introduced by Fernando Faro, the show’s director, to many famous artists such as Gilberto Gil and Caetano Velloso. Toco quit the TV show in 1999 and began to take part in musical productions. He decided to leave the TV program in 1999 and move to Italy. There he met Adi Souza, Rosalia De Souza, one of Brazil’s most well-known artists, and Stefano Tirone aka S-Tone Inc. with whom he recorded his first album, “Instalac o Do Samba”. This was the beginning of the collaboration with Schema Records, a Milanese record label. This first album was recorded in Milan and has been praised for its European sound. It also served as a launch pad for “Outro Lugar”, the second album by Brazilian artist. It was initially recorded in Rio de Janeiro by Roberto Menescal’s Brazilian band. He also performed his “guitar touch”. The album was then remastered in Milan by S-Tone Inc., and released in 2008 under Schema Records. “Outro Lugar” is a classic and mature production that has been influenced by modern sounds. From

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