Tohpati Ario Hutomo (a.k.a. Bontot was born 25 July 1971 in Jakarta. He is the youngest of Harnoko Hadisubroto’s children and Mrs. Siti Wurdhi Harini’s children. So, Bontot was born. In Indonesian, Bontot means “the last”. Bontot is the father of Saskia Gita Sakanti, Adwitya Gita Tisti and Adwitya Gita. In 1998, he married Ratih Mustikawati. He started his musical journey in fourth grade, playing guitar. When he was in fourth grade, he discovered the joy of playing guitar with his uncle Herri. He then began to learn classical guitar in Yayasan Musik Indonesia up to level 5. He recalls being a big fan of hard rock and heavy metal bands like Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes Police, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes! Police, and Yes! His interest in music grew during his middle school years, when he met Didi AGP (drummer), and Dian HP (vocal), another great Indonesian musician. Cendi Luntungan (drummer), Nya INa Raseuki (vocal), Ricky Johannes alias Ubiet and Yoyok (saxophone) formed the band ‘Splash Band. This was his first band. He started recording and performing in the TVRI jazz music corner. He began to listen to jazz music, and he idolized Mezzoforte (Uzeb), Spirogyra (Kazumi Watanabe), etc. He started to form other bands as he got older. Tohpati band formed with his brothers. Next, Halmahera was with Indro Hardjodikoro. He still works with him until now. Halmahera released 2 albums, Halmahera 1, and Alam Seniku. Tohpati continued his musical journey by working with Erwin Gutawa. Erwin helped support a few great Indonesian singers’ concerts like Chrisye’s, Ruth Sahanayaya’s, and Krisdayanti. Later, he became the music director for Titi DJ’s concert. His work made him a friend with Aminoto Kssin, who was later to become his producer. Tohpati (1998), and Serampang Samba(2002). They were produced by Sony BMG. These albums featured Eric Marienthal and Indra Lesmana as well as Glenn Fredly and Shakila. He continues to make his mark in Indonesian jazz with Simak Dialog. It features Riza Irsyad and Ari Ayunir as well as Indro Hardjodikoro. Simak Dialog had four albums. Lukisan and Baur were followed by Trance/mission and Patahan. They also performed at Petronas Building, Kuala Lumpur. Trisum was formed by Dewa Budjana, I wayan Balawan and one of his more recent projects. Sandy Winata (drummer), Indro Hardjodikoro (bass), Saat Shay (suling) u0026 Jalu Pratdina (ethnic drumming). The album was also available on DVD. Tohpati released an album in 2010 under demajors and Moonjune records in the USA. It is called TOHPATI ETHNOMISSION. Tohpati ethnomission performed at “Virada Cultural” (SaoPaolo), a Tong Tong Festival in Denhag, and also in Berlin in 2010. With simak dialog, he performed in Malayasia, Petronas, and the Miri Jazz Festival(Serawak) as well as Kathmandu Jazz Festival. The YellowJackets from USA performed at Jakarta Jazz Festival (2010) and featured Tohpati as a guitarist. They recorded 1 song for Tohpati’s next album. He released another album, TOHPATI BERTIGA, in 2011 under demajors records. He is joined by Indro Hardjodikoro, Bowo and Bowo on guitar. He is currently producing Indonesia’s top-recording singers and also serves as music director for music events or tv music shows. from

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