Tohru Aizawa Quartet

Tohru Aizawa Quartet, a group of Japanese student musicians, was formed in 1975. They recorded one album, Tachibana. This 1975 LP was not available for purchase until BBE’s J Jazz compilation. It was only known to a few Japanese jazz enthusiasts. The Quartet consisted of four amateur musicians, all of whom were students at the university at that time. Ikujiroh Takibana, a local businessman, funded the recording session. He pressed a few hundred vinyl records to be used as a business card. Few copies of the recording have been found in the 40 years that have passed since it was recorded. This makes it a rare and sought-after artifact from the golden age Japanese jazz. BBE Records is proud to present this fully authorized reissue, directly licensed from the band. Tachibana contains all the elements of a cult record: it was pressed in limited quantities, has a few mysterious details about its history, has been forgotten for decades, and features exceptional musical talent and craftsmanship. The album is now available to a wider audience. Visit

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