Toine Thys

Toine Thys, a bold and adventurous musician and a key figure in Europe for bass clarinet and saxophone, has a warm tone. He is a strong leader in his own projects and a highly sought-after sideman throughout Belgium, France, Netherlands. You can also hear him in Canada, South-Korea, and Western Africa. Thys has been leading the TOINE THYS TRIO for 10 years with Arno Krijger, drummer Karl Jannuska and Thys. In 2019, Thys will release its third cd featuring Sam Yahel, on organ, and Herve Samb, on guitar. He is also co-lead of ORLANDO, a Belgian project with Egyptian oud player Ihab Radiwan. Toine is more involved in teaching in an African context. He founded Les Ventistes du Faso in Burkina Faso with Laurent Blondiau, a trumpeter. This concept is being expanded to other countries like Benin, Senegal, or the Democratic Republic of Congo. As founder of FACIR (Federation of Belgian musicians), he is involved in musicians’ rights. From

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