Tom Collier

A sampling of the many accolades accorded to vibraphonist/marimbist Tom Collier during his nearly 60 years in music is a reflection of his international reputation in jazz, classical and pop circles. Collier’s first public performance was in 1954 at age 5. He will celebrate the 60th anniversary with a concert at Meany Hall, Seattle, WA. Tom has performed with many jazz and popular artists, including Ry Cooder and Earl “Fatha” Hines. He also recorded with Roger Kellaway, Don Grusin and Frank Zappa. In April 2014, Collier will celebrate the 60th anniversary of his first public performance at age 5. Collier has performed as a guest soloist in the classical arena with The Seattle Symphony, The Bellevue Philharmonic and The Northwest Chamber Orchestra. He also appeared with The Everett Symphony, The Olympia Symphony, The Everett Symphony, The Everett Symphony, The Everett Symphony, The Everett Symphony, The Everett Symphony. Collier was a timpanist in Los Angeles Repertoire Orchestra from 1976 to 1977, and vibraphonist in L.A. Contempo Four (1975-77), a modern music ensemble. He also served as a timpanist with Northwest Chamber Orchestra (72-73) as well as Federal Way Chorale. Collier has been a leader or co-leader on several albums, beginning with Whistling Midgets in 1981 for Inner City Records. He was joined by Dan Dean, a long-time musical colleague. Earshot Magazine nominated Duets, Collier and Dean’s 2005 album on Origin Records for Jazz Album of the year. T.C. also recorded Illusion (1988), Records), Pacific Aire (1990. Nebula Records), Mallet Jazz (2004), Origin Records), Mallet Fantastique (2010), Origin Classical and Tom Collier Plays Haydn. Mozart. Telemann and Other (2012, Origin Classical). This album was nominated for the 2013 GRAMMY Award for “Best Classical Solo Performance”. Collier also recorded educational albums for Music Minus One, Studio 4 Music, and has given over 300 concerts of jazz in public schools throughout Washington State for the Arts In Education Program. Collier received the National Association of Jazz Educators’ “Outstanding Service To Jazz Education” award in 1980. Over the last thirty years, he won 22 ASCAP Popular Panel Awards for various jazz and percussion compositions. Since 1980, Tom has been the Director of Percussion Research at the University of Washington and was elected Professor of Jazz and Percussion in 2001. In 2001-2003, he was the Chair of Jazz Studies and in 2011-2012, a second time. Collier was honored with the Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professship in School of Music for the academic year 2011-2014. Collier was also elected to the South Central School District Board of Directors (now Tukwila Schools District) in 1987. He was re-elected to that board in 1989 by a two thirds majority. Collier was instrumental in the design of Foster High School. He also made sure the facility had a beautiful, functional performing arts auditorium. This partnership was spearheaded by the city Tukwila. from

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